17 Jul 2018



PVC is a material particularly suitable for the production of window frames: it is impervious to mold, water-repellent, self-extinguishing and an excellent thermal insulation as well as not requiring any maintenance over time.
The profile is available up to 7 rooms for greater thermal and acoustic insulation. Available in the types for new installation or overlapping restructuring.
The finish can be chosen from the choice of leather finishes chosen from our many colors as well as in uniform colors and wood-like veins.



Wood is the most natural and traditional material: the new coloring techniques have made it more and more durable over time, keeping maintenance down to the cutting edge of technology. The thermo-acoustic gaskets, the aluminum drip tray, the low-emission insulating glazing unit with Argon gas and hot ducting ensure the living comfort in every season. Our fixtures are completely free of knots; the available profiles include Standard, Retro and Restructuring. The woods available are Pino, Meranti and Rovere. The hardware is treated in every detail: the opening mechanism with flap door is standard everywhere. The hammers are available in various types and colors.



The best of modern technology: they combine the warmth of wood inside and the resistance of aluminum to external agents, guaranteeing quality of heat and durability as well as offering the possibility of performing them in two-color without adding further costs.



The roof windows, available in both wood and PVC, are perfectly thermally insulated and secure with laminated glass inside; they adapt to all types of environment, thanks also to the different colors available. In addition to thermal insulation and good safety performance, they can be very practical due to possible blinds or internal sunblinds, external roller shutters with dumpster. They can also be opened with motorization, all controlled by remote control. They can be connected to anemometric control unit, and possibly connected to the home automation system.