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The kitchen is the center of your home. It is the place where the family gathers, where traditions are kept alive and food innovation explored. We are fully aware of its importance to you that’s why we offer you high quality and carefully designed products that will make your everyday life better.

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We offer tailor made furnitures for you. Our fornitures are high quality products that complete your rage of furnitures. It is 100% made in Italy and we thicker doorsand shelves than the usual standard. We design and install both open and closed fornitures or closets.

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The interior doors complete and personalize every furniture, from classic style to the most modern. Our range of doors includes quality products ranging from laminate to wood, from satin lacquer to polyester lacquer. They can be made of a hinged door, internal or external sliding doors, book or roto-sliding doors.

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PVC is a material particularly suitable for the production of window frames: it is impervious to mold, water-repellent, self-extinguishing and an excellent thermal insulation as well as not requiring any maintenance over time. The profile is available up to 7 rooms for greater thermal and acoustic insulation.

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solar Panels

In order to have maximux efficiency, all our plants are optimized for tropical temperature conditions and we also offer top after-sale services. The power starts frpm 3 kwp to 1 Mwp and more with or wothout sealed batteries for PV storage. You get value for your money back within 3-4 years.

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gates automation

We have automatic gate openers that give you a new convenient way of opening your gates. Sliding Gate (single or double), Swing Gate(single or double), Solemyo Kit(solar powered).

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The WPC is a range of profiles in composite material (mainly wood) that allows you to perform the most diverse jobs. We spread from the covering of existing buildings, to the creation of permanent structures, to the realization of interior and exterior flooring. Different shades of colors and choice of profiles.

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Our balustrades (parapets) are available in glass, wood, steel, wood-plastic composite or a combination of them. They are complete with or without hand railing for your balcony or stairs of your home.